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WHOA!  She's still ALIVE?!  Why yes...yes I am ^^.  I do apologize for the nearly 3 year (!) hiatus.  I'm kicking my butt into gear and will continue to be more dedicated to uploading to this site!  ...but not on this account.  This account was fun, and houses most of my high school and early college work, but I feel like I've grown out of this gallery and decided to create a new one.  I'm currently writing a journal entry about my absence, what I've been up to, and what's in the future (Half Breed reboot anyone?).  Overall, this gallery was great, and I hope those of you who are subscribed to me will subscribe to my new gallery so you can see my new work!  Thanks for everything guys, and I'll see you on my new gallery!!

Here's the link: :icontehnybor:
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So I've been away from here for a while...idk, I'm just kind of irritated at this "community" as a whole.  I've tried to reach out to other artists and I've been nothing short of snubbed.  According to this "community", being a real artist means being completely self taught and not investing any time or money for art classes to further improve skills.  Yes people...someone ACTUALLY said this to me in a chat room on here and let me tell you, it fueled some rage inside, as I am currently enrolled in art school and I take great offense to this.  That's just been eating away at me for a while and it's kind of giving me a bad impression of this site after being here for almost 3 years.  

Another reason I've been away?  Well, art consumes my soul...and my free time.  I took a fair amount of foundation art classes at my community college, but it wasn't enough, and I was stuck in more all last semester.  Therefore I couldn't do anything I wanted to do, nothing to do with my major, and was stuck with a bunch of cranky freshman who would bitch that "they don't do traditional art, I'm an exquisite photographer" or some hoakey artsy fartsy bullshit that I so despise.  So I really don't have anything I'm comfortable scanning in, plus I'm at a never ending war with art is flipping HARD!  But despite my rant about DA in the first paragraph of this journal, I would like to get more art up for y'all to gander at.  *Sigh* I really wish more people would read journals on this site -.-.

Anyways, back to the main title of this journal.  Upon finishing my first semester at my new art school, I had a total and complete meltdown.  Upon recovering from this meltdown, I re-read Half Breed and couldn't help but be very disappointed in it.  I felt there were a lot of plot holes and hazy information in the chapters, and I'm currently kicking my barely there ass about it.  So I've decided I will leave the remaining chapters up until I completely re-write the story, then I will upload the new chapters and put the rest in the scraps section of my gallery.  This story is like my baby, and I'm very upset that I didn't put a lot of time and effort into it, and wrote some chapters by just not caring or being half asleep or whatever.  I want to put my all into this, and I want to further expand this world that my characters live in.  And I really hope you enjoy it in the end ^^

P.S.  I highly recommend EVERYONE go see James Cameron's "Avatar."  Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful and touching, but it's very artistically inspiring as well ^^
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Yes, it hasn't been too terribly long since I updated this journal (I try and go for once a month) but I just thought I'd let you guys know (hopefully you care!) that I am alive and well!

I recently moved to Grand Rapids, MI, which is all the way across the state for me (I'm from the Detroit area...the good part, not the bad ^^) so I'm 3 hours away from my family and stuff.  I've adjusted quite well, I cried for literally 5 minutes, then proceeded to dance around my apartment in victorious huzzahs and such (thank God my roommates weren't there!).  

Classes here are a lot of fun, but veeeeery time consuming.  There's tons more homework than there ever was at my community college, so that's taking some adjusting to, since I'm usually a procrastinator.  Hence one of my reasons I haven't really updated, and I feel terrible about it!  Also, my laptop seems to not like printers, and every printer I've tried connecting it to...gah, it just hasn't read it.  Thus no printer means no scanner, meaning I can't scan in my pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure and such.  Which makes me a sad NyboR =(

So the whole printer/scanner fiasco and the fact that I'm incredibly busy means I haven't had time to update.  I will still be continuing with "Half Breed," as I have a few loyal readers (you know who you are and I love you guys!) and I don't want to disappoint them.  

So yeah...just a quick little update letting you know I'm alive and plan on updating once I get my printer/scanner working, which I plan on getting that resolved very soon.  

Have a nice day guys, and thanks for stopping by!!

Comments + Faves = A Very Happy NyboR, so leave the love!
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Yeah and woe...I be alive!  Sorry I haven't really been updating regularly, I feel so bad >.<.  I've been so incredibly uninspired lately it's sickening, plus I'm moving in two weeks to the other side of the state for school, so I've been busy taking inventory, packing, buying things for my new place, etc.  I'd also like to take the time and blame the most evil video game for consuming most of my summer: Final Fantasy 8.  Oooooh Final Fantasy took away my summer and for that, I don't know whether to love you or hate you.  Probably the hardest video game I've ever played in my life, it was frakkin' ridiculous!

But enough of that...congrats to :iconstripedtulips: for getting a free commission from me for responding to my last journal entry!  Huzzah!

And as usual, if anyone knows of any good tutorials, inspiring things, tips, etc, don't be shy and send them my way!  Thanks for watching me and have a great day ^^

P.S.  I've also signed up to be a part of :icontraveling-sketchbook:, a sketchbook that is being sent around the world!  Check them out if you please ^^
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Okay before I get into this journal entry, I have to give a big thanks to :icondeadlyvampireunicorn: for linking my gallery in her journal.  She's been a long time reader of "Half Breed" and when I told her that I wasn't getting a lot of feedback from my story and was kind of bummed about it, she happily linked my gallery and advised everyone to read it, resulting in a lot of feedback.  So thank you so so much dear!!!

Anyways, down to business.  Some of you might've noticed that I've enabled prints on some of my pieces, so putting any on a wishlist or even buying them would be totally sweet.  And if there's a deviation that you would like made a print, just note me or leave me a comment or something ^^

I've also been considering doing commissions as well.  Before the summer started, I had two jobs.  And when summer started, I was laid off from both of them.  I live in Michigan, and the economy is the worst in the country right now, and we're also the state with the #1 unemployment rate.  To be honest, it's extremely devastating, especially in Detroit.  But despite all that depressing dribble p00p, I would absolutely loooooove to do commissions.  And as a special treat, the first person to comment this journal will get a FREE commission from me ^^.  Huzzah!!!

Lastly (since there really isn't much to update on) I've been having a bit of a phobia with Photoshop as of late.  Of course I have no problem editing my pictures in CS3, but the whole digital art thing has me freaked out.  So if anyone could give me some tips or recommend some good Photoshop tutorials, that would be just swell!

I hope you guys are enjoying everything you see in my gallery, and I hope you leave comments/faves for they make me happy.  Have a nice day =D
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Much huzzahs are in order, for I have uploaded a new chapter of Half Breed!  HUZZAH!!!  And school's almost over!  HUZZAH!!!  And I'm still single!  Huz...zah? I made myself sad =(.

Anyways, I went through and edited every. single. chapter. of Half Breed, which took a very very VERY long time.  You might enjoy some extra snippets and tidbits in there, and I also cleared up some things that I found to be a little fuzzy.  Huzzah!

Despite the good news of finally getting everything edited, I have to announce that I lost my job >.<.  I are a sad NyboR.  I'm doing some stuff for my dad that's earning me some money, but I still need some more.  Hence why, I have decided to do commissions and sell prints!  Only problem?  I have absolutely NO idea how to work PayPal.  I have no idea what to do, what to charge, blah blah blah.  So if anyone could help me out there, that would be amaaaaaazing ^^.

This journal is random...I'm all sugared up.  *Squee!*

I'll come back and edit this or write a new entry when I'm not freaked up on Coca Cola and Nerds.  

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...Hoooooly pig...I haven't released a new Half Breed chapter in almost 2 months!  This occurred to me yesterday when I was like..."Holy Pig!  I haven't released a new Half Breed chapter in almost 2 months!"...a dur.  I literally thought my heart dropped to my stomach, I feel so bad!  For all...*counts on fingers* four of you that read this story (har har...cuz no one does...I think =() I'm SOoOOOOOO sorry!!!!11one!!  I know what I'm going to be writing ab00t, it's just that I can't really put in into words.  Plus, I only have about a month and a half until I finish up at community college and move out to Grand Rapids, MI (about 4 hours from where I live) so school is taking much of my time, well mostly my dumb ass math teacher (about half of our class walked out today because he doesn't know WTF he's doing.  He's a nice guy and he's smart at math...he just can't teach it.  Poor fella).  So I'm studying on my own for he doesn't teach us anything, that coupled with the mass amounts of art projects glaring me in the face like that googly-eyed money on those Geico commercials or whatever...grah.  

In short, tis quite difficult to find time to do anything other than homework or art work that I'm required to do!  But fear not my lovelies!  Spring is on the horizon in Michigan (bout damn time...) and my camamara shall be coming out of hibernation!  For those of you not-Michiganders, the winters in Michigan are literally GRAY.  A few years ago we actually had 2 whole weeks without sunshine.  Therefore, no light = no pretty peekshurez.  And since school is ending shortly, that means more of MY art from MY twisted head shall be gracing this lovely site!  As well as some of the art that I've been doing in my drawing classes, which I have to say is pretty damn skippy ^^.

BEE TEE DUBZ, I'm now in the process of editing Half Breed.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the edited chapters, as there's shenanigans in there you might need to know!

...and comments would be nice too...*cough*...just sayin...

Anywhotanin, I'm oot for this journal entry!

This are teh NyboR saying: Fear the Llama, Taste the NyboR!!!  <3
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Good freakin LOOOOOOORD!  So school has officially made me its bitch.  This semester is probably the busiest semester I've had so far.

...I blame math -.-

But anyways, I've taken the time out of my busy schedule to unearth myself from the mass amounts of textbooks and art projects (some of which I hope to scan very soon, as soon as they're graded anyways) to write this journal entry to officially declare that I am indeed NOT dead ^^.  Hooray for breathing!

Alas, I have not had time to update my gallery in a while...and this saddens me greatly.  I hope you all understand what's going on, I literally have no social life.  I royally screwed myself over last semester by goofing off in class and not taking school seriously, and if I want to get my scholarship to the art school I'm going to next fall (which is worth a pretty hefty chunk of change) then I have to raise my GPA a full 7 points >.<.  No pressure right?  *twitch*

But I digress.  The main point of this journal is to announce that I will be doing a MASS edit on my entire gallery.  Not only my pictures (getting better quality ones, all that good stuff), but I will be updating EVERY SINGLE Half Breed chapter posted on this gallery.  Think of it as extra commentary, there's some stuff that I've neglected to put in, and I will be editing it.  Once this mass edit is done (which will hopefully be in a short while, my plan is to work on one chapter a day) then I will be adding NEW chapters.  I plan on finishing this story to the end (as leaving readers hanging is very very cruel) and I also have a sequel and a prequel in the works for it as well.

I'm really really trying guys, but it's been a very stressful semester, and I hope you understand.  

Show me some love and support!  And pancakes...I've really been hankering for those lately ^^.  

Love love!

~Teh NyboR~
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Hope everyone had a great time partying and such.  I had a fun time at my friends' new years party...only bad thing is I pulled a muscle in my leg from playing twister >.<.  Honestly who does that?  Me!!!  My leg still kills, but I still had a great time ^^.

And I have some resolutions to fulfill this year as well, not only for school (last semester wasn't too great) but I have many for my gallery as well.  I want to (once again) thank all of those who have commented, faved, or even looked at my art work.  It really means a lot to me and makes me happy ^^.  But anyways, this year I really hope to get some of my traditional art up here.  I recently got a printer and the only use it has right now is something for me to stare at...yeah I really need to hook it up and get scanning >.<.  Yes folks, I write stories, I take pictures, AND I draw!  I'm SuperArtist!!!  I also hope to win a freaking contest.  I've entered around 10 and I haven't won or placed in one, so that's a MAJOR goal for me to achieve.  I also need to start practicing more, as I have a bad habit of staring at my sketchbooks instead of drawing in them (I really do have a staring problem...).  So yeah, I want to try one of those "drawing a day" things and get my lazy tush in gear ^^.  Two more things I want to get done this year as well; try my hand at pencil portraits (good with pencils, bad with portraits.  It's the best of both worlds!  *grunt*) and turn my story Half Breed into a comic.

And speaking of the literature category in my gallery, I honestly can't thank the readers enough for checking out Half Breed!!!  I've had this story in my head for 5 long years and the fact that I have it on here and it's getting recognized (even by a few people) makes me so happy!  I hope to get more feedback from the readers as well!  I already have a sequel (and possibly a prequel) in the works for Half Breed (not giving any details, don't want to spoil anything!).  I thank you all for reading, hope to hear your comments, and I hope you all enjoy!

ALSO!!!  I want to thank :iconstripedtulips: for doing the first EVER piece of fan art for Half Breed!  I about crapped my drawers when I saw it I was so excited!  Check it out here:… it perty?!  (BTW, I've had 3 slices of chocolate cake today, so that's why I'm insanely freaking hyper >.<).

That's also something I wanted to mention.  Anyone who wants to do fan art for Half Breed is more than welcome to!  Just note me with a link so I can fave it!

So while I'm here, I'm going to try and sum up my goals for this year...

- Start practicing drawing more
- Start using different mediums (such as color, which I'm incredibly afraid of for some reason...)
- Plan out the sequels and prequel for Half Breed
- Hook up scanner and get some of my school/traditional work uploaded
- Practice more with Photoshop & my tablet
- Try and do commissions (once I hook up a paypal account and such...I still have no idea how it works >.<)
- Win a freaking contest!!!

If you can help me with any of these things, either note me or leave a comment here!

Hope you guys had a happy new year, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!  LOVE AND COOKIES!!!
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Weeee...*hack*.  Well this year has been downright...not good.  I sit here, typing and suffering from what is known as "the L building plague," a plague in which all my friends from the art building at my community college are suffering from.  The first person who got it really doesn't have the common decency to cover his mouth when he hacks mucus from his lungs, therefore I have been stricken with this damned plague.

But enough of my drug-induced bitching...on to business!  Being sick has caused my creativity to soar...for some odd reason...must be all the drugs and the what not, eye dee kay.  Anywhotanin, there's good and bad with this situation.  Good news is that I have all of the ideas and stuff for this idea: bad news is that I don't have the equipment (photoshop, tablet, and digital camera).  I do love my film camera, but I really need a digital one, as film is a bit too much guess work for me.  

As you may have guessed, this photo series is called "Disturbia: The Other Side" (cool name riiiiight?!).  For some odd reason, I've been absolutely addicted to Rihanna's song "Disturbia" and the song and music video have inspired me with this photo series.  Disturbia means a mind set of agony and torture.  This photo series will depict my closest friends as their "other side", the side that people rarely see.  It's going to be quite macabre and horror based, as I've been looking up recipes for fake blood and how to make fake cuts (note to self: not the best thing to do when ailing from the plague...).  I'm so psyched about this, but I'd be even more excited if this was actually real, but I'm gonna save up me pennies and purchase every single one of the tools I need to make this dream possible.  I'm going away to school next year and I really want to get this done before I depart.

Also, an update!  Well...not really much to update lately.  School has it's iron grip on my life right now, and I'm trying to  raise my gpa so I can get my scholarship.  Half Breed is coming along nicely, I've gotten past the insane amount of writer's block I've had and came out with a pretty nice chapter if I do say so myself.  And the story's far from over at this point ^^.   

I also just released my "Ghost Hands" photo series, which I'm insanely proud of.  That whole thing taken with a computer camera and edited on iPhoto (any Mac user would know that it's near impossible to get pictures like that out of the two).

I really hope to get more stuff for you guys up here to look at and enjoy, so have a nice day everyone!!!
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So my 19th birthday recently passed (August 8th), and it was possibly the most terrible day in my life.  Not only is mother nature a bitch (if you catch my drift), but I found like, 6 gray hairs that week!  I'm freakin 19 years old!  And upon finding those little white hairs, and holding them in my freakishly small hands...I had a revelation...

What the f*** am I doing with my life?

I was awarded a portfolio scholarship from the Kendall College of Art and Design recently and will be attending next year.  I'm going back to my local community college this year to amp up my GPA so I can actually be awarded the scholarship, and I look at what I've done this summer and it's absolutely NOTHING.  Of course I've been working two jobs and recording my anime podcast with mah bestest buddies (check us out at but that's still no excuse as to why I haven't produced a single piece.  I really feel like a total and complete failure, and I really need to find the confidence to actually draw.  I literally get so anxious before drawing that I'll start out with the stick figure and if that doesn't look right I'll just stop altogether.

Before I decided to pursue art as a career, I was originally going to become an actress.  I've been in 2 school plays, hosted talent shows, star of the choir, blah blah blah.  But I fell so hard for it and loved it so much that I become so overly critical of myself that I couldn't even function properly.  It was at that point that I knew I couldn't do this as a career, and I focused all of my energy on art.  It's frustrating as all hell to be that hard on myself, and I really don't know what to do.  I know I'm not the best artist in the world, but I'm definitely not the worst.  I want to show the world what I can do and welcome them into my world of insanity and prismacolor pencils.  Any advice given would help (though I doubt people will even respond because I'm not some "big wig subscriber" to this lovely site) but I'm really trying.  It's something I'm working on and will continue to work on until I and those whom I share my art with are satisfied.  My dream is to one day turn my story "Half Breed" into a comic and I can't do that unless I have confidence in myself and my art abilities.

And speaking of Half Breed, I'm extremely proud of the way it's coming!!  I've written down summaries of each chapter that I write and I'm estimating this story will be close to 50 chapters!  I want to thank everyone who's been following along with it, it's my baby and I love it so.  Celeste was the first character that I had ever created at the tender age of 15, and Trinity, Kurnar, Lunaki, and the rest of the cast are deep in my heart as well.  I just hope to get more FEEDBACK and am eager to find out how other readers think of it as well!!

One last thing: I am still interested in modeling for any local artists (by local I mean the Michigan area).  Just send me a note if interested in using me in a piece and I'll send you all the info you need to know about me!

Thanks guys, and I really hope you enjoy my gallery and such.  I feel a little better now that I wrote everything in this journal, but feedback and love is much much appreciated!!!
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I've come to a decision that I'm going to start modeling.  No no, not runway, I'm not a skyscraper nor am I stick effin skinny.  I think I'm gonna be a deviant model ^^.

So...any photographers in the Michigan area, send me a note if you're interested.

If you want to see some pictures of me (you see if I'm pretty enough or something) just check my myspace out.  I have ^^
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W00t!  So it's almost my one year anniversary being on DA, and what do I think of my gallery?  ...Honestly?  I really am dissapointed in it, like, reeeeeeeally dissapointed in it.  Mostly I just have things from school up, not anything I've drawn for the hell of it.  

So since it's summer and I'll be out getting sun and what not (yeah and my geekness with my macbook...I'll still be white as winter by the time it ends I'm betting you!) I've set up a few goals for myself.  So what to expect for my gallery?  Hopefully more artwork of my original characters (especially the ones from Half Breed...thanks to all who've been reading it!) and some contest entries.  I think Half Breed's going pretty good right now, I'm getting a steady stream of readers, but I'm always hoping for more! *hint hint*  Also, my friends have been trying to get me to join the SDL, so I might be doing that once I can get my confidence up in comics (I'm so terrible at them it's not even funny lol).  I really want to improve this summer, to make your eyes widen and jaws drop with my hopefully awesome artwork to come.  Thanks to everyone who's been viewing, I love you guys!!!!

P.S Leave me feedback, I loves it!!!  <3  
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So I'm sitting here, feeling nauseous (damn you McDonalds...tempting me with your big macs and what not...then making me sick after >.< ) and realizing...I haven't updated in a while!  Nearly 3 months...and I'm really stuck in artist's block.  

This site can be sooooo intimidating sometimes...just looking at all of the artists who are so much better than me, really dampens my mood.  Idk, point is, I really have artist's, bad.  Anyone know how to get rid of it??  Anyone?  Any takers?  Come on now, as an artist/photographer, inspire me.  I need all the help I can get >.<
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